Finding job with work and life balance


Will you consider changing the job you like and pursue for work and life balance? Sallay Abrahms at Jugglezine says sometimes you need to do it because different job will give you different level of balance. She gives different examples where different jobs give flexibity on reducing the work hours. Then she goes on and talks about how to go and find one:

… The web is a good resource for contacts, tips, and information about your prospective line of work. Many special interest web sites offer career-specific newsletters. Speak with colleagues, friends, and anyone you know who is involved in the profession you’re thinking about entering. What are the benefits, drawbacks? Is it as conducive to work/life balance as it looks? What kind of money can you make? What is the best path to your goal? Does the bookstore or library have material that would be helpful and give you a sense of what you’d be doing? …

Working it Out – [JuggleZine via Lifehacker]

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