Find Stability in Life by Changing Jobs... A Lot

job stability

Boston Globe columnist, Penelope Trunk, delves into the myth of stability in a longterm job. She’s saying that most adults are now switching jobs every two years, finding work that really suits them personally and not looking for that one job that will carry them to retirement.

Scary for some, the truth is there isn’t as much stability in those kind of jobs anymore. Penelope goes through how things have changed and why the employee must stay adaptive. She also put together 5 tips to make frequent job changes stabilize your life:

  • 1. Build up a strong skill set quickly.
  • 2. Get good at making transitions.
  • 3. Make the most of the in-between-jobs time.
  • 4. Get out of paying your dues.
  • 5. Keep your finances in order.

Make Life More Stable with More Frequent Job Changes – [BrazenCareerist]

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