Over Slacker Manager, Brendon talks about how to fast tracking your career by yourself. Your organization may not have any fast track programs, nor you may not be eligible to it – but you can still do it yourself. He mentions there are four key factors for fast tracking: The right work in the right place; Manage the boss; Two to five years; and Be intentional:

Be intentional
Don’t pursue the fast track unless you have a clear idea of where you’re headed. Sure, it’s fun to explore the company and learn lots of new things, but you’ll eventually be asked to explain your choice of jobs. This is when you can begin to let the cat out of the bag and talk about your plans. If you’re spending at least the minimum time in a given job, then you’ll have plenty of time and opportunity to figure out the “why” of your fast track program.

Another key factor from my experience is to communicate to your boss what is the career path you want to pursue. I had two promotions on the current job, and both are partly the results of suggesting my ideas and opportunities. Many times the opportunities of promotion or advancement will not be appear by themselves. Many of them are planned between you and your boss.

Fast track yourself – [Slacker Manager]

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