Fake deadlines don't motivate people


Craig Fitzpatrick describes his experience on project deadline and project delay. First he mentions by creating fake deadline to push team deliver earlier does not help your team to deliver the project on time – instead it will decrease your creability and leadership. He then talks about why projects are usually delayed:

Here’s an interesting observation: The people I’ve heard suggest this tactic are, more often than not, part of the root cause of the very late software projects they are referring to. I’m not sure if it’s cause and effect or just a simple correlation, but I’ve found that these people fail to understand the following:

* If you keep changing requirements, the software will be late.
* If you keep distracting the team with MIS duties or side projects, the software will be late.
* If you keep bugging the dev team with support requests, the software will be late.

Fake deadlines don’t motivate people. – [Uncommon Sense]

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