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Isaac Garcia shared his experience on using stand-up desk after making himself a poor-man’s stand-up desk. He spent $99 in Ikea and bought off a height-adjustable computer workstation and adjusted to the height that suitable for standing and bar stool. After using it for a while, he have found some benefits:

Stand up Desk

… Come to find out, I’ve joined the ranks of some famous people who have used stand up desks. Sir Winston Churchill, Ernest Hemingway, John Dos Passos, Virginia Woolf, Thomas Jefferson worked at stand-up desks. Donald Rumsfeld works at a stand-up desk and if my memory serves me correctly, Vladimir Nabakov (one of my favorite writers of the 20th Century) wrote his novels on index cards at a stand-up desk.

In the tradition of great writers and thinkers, I’m glad I made the switch. I’ve found that my energy levels stay higher through out the day, my back is less sore, I don’t get sleepy at my desk and I can easily walk back and forth from my desk to the white board and jot notes, ideas and mind maps. In general, I just think better on my feet (no pun intended) and feel so much more alert, efficient and productive. I also tend to ‘pace’ when I’m on the phone. Standing and walking just feels more natural when I’m talking on a headset…

“With eyes wide open; standing, speaking, moving…” – [Business Lit]

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