I’m still keeping up with my new year’s resolution to work out and I’ve been doing pretty good. I have been feeling a lot better and a lot more in control of things–and of course you start to see results after awhile. As if you need another good reason to work out, here’s yet one more: It apparently makes you smarter. Adam Campbell from Men’s Health has written an article that gives examples and research outlining the argument. Here’s a quote from Arkansas Governor Huckabee, who you’ll remember lost a ton of weight and was in the news awhile ago.

“I’m more creative, because I have mental energy. When I finish running several miles, it’s like my mind is running on overdrive,” he says. And, he adds, “It’s made a dramatic difference in my ability to focus.”

So, you can have a clear win-win. Not be too intense about work and get better at it at the same time.

Nick Senzee is membership director of a professional design society in the DC metro area. He likes to read and write and puts his thoughts down in his blog.

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