Excellent Hipster PDA setup - Calendar mode


One of our readers, Javier Cabrera pimped up his setup of Hipster PDA. He made his Hipster PDA as a calendar – on a side of the index card is printed the current month calendar, and then he wrote his tasks on the back of the card.

… There i can see all days on the current month, if i have to do something on the 22 of July, lets say “Kill Jason” i make a circle (because its a small task). If the task is really important i make a square instead.

The following is really simple; i flip the card and i write “22/Kill Jason”. That’s it. Every day i go thru this and it works!…

Hipster PDA calendar 1
Hipster PDA calendar 2
Hipster PDA calendar 3
Hipster PDA calendar 4

Thanks Javier! It’s pretty cool!

Pimp my Hipster PDA – [Javier Cabrera on Life Hacks]

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