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The second best post I ever did for (from YOUR perspective, links, Digg responses, etc), was my Running for Beginners post a short while back. You really dug it, and I was really thrilled about that.

But wait’ll you see this:

Mark Iocchelli and Aaron Trimble have been running a site, Complete Running, for years. They’ve gathered up a group of 900 bloggers all writing their own blogs about running, including race reports, tips, tricks, and the like. You can really get lost in there, reading all the great content.

But now? They’ve gone one better:

If you want to learn about running from all different angles and from lots of voices, they’ve launched , a new network blog for runners. It’s loaded with perspective, and promises to have all kinds of resources for you to use for your own running practice, inspiration, and betterment. I’m a big fan (and I used to be part of their 900 bloggers when I ran a lot more often).

Complete Running – [Complete Running Network]

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