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You always wanted to try to predict on your life isn’t it? How about do it in mathematical way? Dean P. Foster, Lyle Ungar and Choong Tze Chua have written a script to accept your health information and able to use those data to estimate how long will you live. By no mean it is accurate, but it will give you an indication how healthy are you:

Predicting life expectancy is a very important tool to enhance life itself. It brings greater accuracy and efficiency to calculations of insurance premiums, economic forecasts and societal developments. Above all, it allows us to optimally plan our life.

Presently, life expectancy of an individual is calculated primarily on the basis of sex, race, nationality and age. Some life tables take smoking status into account as well. However, these few factors are far from being exhaustive. There are many others that contribute to our life expectancies. This project attempts to do just that- to include a host of other important variables to get a much more accurate estimate of an individual’s life expectancy…

Other than the life calculator, the site presents with some good links and information on health. Good site to visit if you are interested on your life and health.

What are your results?

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