Essential List of Tutorials, How-to, and Screencast for Quicksilver


For Mac OS X users, Quicksilver is probably one of the best god-send productivity applications. What’s it? It’s a launcher and indexer which you can do actions and interfaces with software and applications with just keystrokes away.

Getting started on Quicksilver basic is easy. There are some hidden powers and advanced features that you may want to understand and use to get maximum productivity though. This post is a collection of the best tutorial and howto available for Quicksilver which able you to be the jedi master of Quicksilver. So let’s get started with some traditional text tutorial:

What’s the best way to present a software usage tutorial? A screencast! Here are some great selection of tutorial for Quicksilver

Quicksilver Overview: A video from LearnToMac introducing Quicksilver and what you can do with this awesome application.

Quicksilver Tutorial Screencast 1: Tutorial by Insert Title blog for Quicksilver, an excellent application for Mac OS X. Covers basic usage, installation, and setup

Quicksilver Tutorial Screencast 2: Another Quicksilver tutorial by Insert Title blog for Mac OSX that covers more advanced features of the program.

Quicksilver Tutorial Screencast 3: Another advanced Quicksilver for Mac OS X tutorial screencast covering setup and usage of the shelf and clipboard, as well as making and implementing triggers.

Quicksilver Tutorial: Tutorial by SlackPacker on Quicksilver’s plugin – Abracadabra. He will show you some tips on the mouse gesture functionality.

That should be way enough to get you started on using this great piece of software. Let us know how you goes, and if you have other tutorials and howtos that you’ve found, send them across!

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