Essential 101 Tips For Improving Children’s Behaviour


Over at Parenting Ideas, they have selected top 101 tips from Dr. Andy Gill and fellow authors on improving children’s behaviour. There are also some education for the parent on stress, staying calm and training responsibility. Look like they are great reference to have around! Here is a snip of the post:

… Thanks to Dr Andy Gill and other authors for these 101 parenting tips on understanding and improving children’s behaviour. Nearly all frequently asked questions about children’s behaviour are included in this list. If you have a “strong-willed” child, you don’t need to feel distressed. Tips #5 provides you with a freebie, 5-week online self-help course to empower you to cope with him/her. Toddlers and preschoolers have endless effort to test your boundary with their weapon, throwing tantrums. Tips #8 Dealing With Tantrum suggests some measures that can help reduce the frequency of occurring. I think most parents cannot avoid the bedtime battle…

101 Tips For Improving Children’s Behaviour – [Parenting Ideas]

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