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Entrepreneurial Proverbs

This article, Marc Hedlund has written a lot of quick tips and wisdom on many aspects on entrepreneurship. From things like starting up, coming up with ideas, managing people, releasing product, to dealing with money, he has couple of good points for each of those aspects. The one that I really want to quote is on product:

… Build the simplest thing possible — engineers have the hardest time with this, with not overdesigning for the need they’re addressing. Make the simplest possible product that makes a significant dent in that need, and you’ll do far better than you would addressing two or three needs at once. Simplicity leads to clarity in everything you do…

Totally agree. Especially if you got a small team of engineering team, you wouldn’t want to overdesign your product and all of your team spending is to break it down and spend ages to make it running. Make your product simple on the first milestone and build it up from there.

Entrepreneurial Proverbs – [O’Reilly Radar via 37Signals SVN]

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