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Sudha Jamthe is a serial entrepreneur, with a lot of experience developing ideas and turning them into companies. Her blog offers a wealth of advice based on experience and steeped with detailed instruction. As lots of readers of are movers and shakers with all kinds of projects and ideas, I thought you’d find the advice relevant. And even if you’re not looking for a million dollars in angel funding (but who isn’t?), the advice actually is useful to one’s everday life on some levels.
In her most recent post, she talks about getting funding for your idea. My summary of her post is:

  • Everyone is a person and treat them that way. Similarly, REACH THEM at that level.
  • Be willing to work harder than anyone else (drive you to the airport!)
  • Do your homework (I owe you homework on the vertical you suggested be #1).
  • Ask everyone. Pitch everyone from their perspective. Practice often.
  • Take feedback. Be open to the idea changing.
  • Be infectuous about your ideas.

Secrets to Contact Strangers and Ask for Money – [From the Eyes of an Entrepreneur]

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