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I had a chance recently to review mynoteIT, which comes off as a kind of Backpack for students. But what’s great about it (and where I think Alex and Justin Weidmann have hit a home run with this product) is that they’ve specialized the program. It’s truly built for students. Listen to some of these features:

  • Give them your scores, they’ll calculate your grade.
  • Spot to plug in your teachers’ contact info.
  • Note-taking with auto-save, with dictionary and translation built in.
  • Community search for homework help, including in-site bookmarking.
  • Friends list for you and classmates.
  • Standalone and group calendaring options.

mynoteIT makes it easy to evaluate, because they have a TRY IT section to let you evaluate the product even before signing up. Forget that for a minute, because I’m really stuck on the fact that these guys did it right: they saw a way to be helpful, and they built their code around that. It’s worth checking out and thinking about. If you’re building yet another tracking, task, to-do, and calendering software for the masses, what COULD you do with it that’d make it very useful to a specific demographic? Now that I think of that, Jake, give me an email, okay?

mynoteIT – Student Life Management Online

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