Eliminate Your Electronic Clutter


It is not that hard to accumulate files and emails in your computer. Shawna Vannes from Newsday has asked couple of productivity experts to share their views and tips on handling emails, internet information and computer files. Some of them are common tips, but here are some highlights:

Schedule true e-mail sessions: “People can spend all day checking e-mail,” says Erica Ecker, a personal organizer at The Specialist in Manhattan. That’s because the first time is checking, the next time is checking for more new messages, then rereading and acting on a few older messages, and so on. To break the habit, turn off any computer alerts that announce the arrival of new e-mail, then schedule three to five daily sessions to read and respond to new messages. “It takes discipline,” she says. “Piggyback it on to something that doesn’t happen every 30 seconds, like meetings or coffee breaks.”…

This is extremely useful to avoid interruptions from your email. It is normal if you turned on your email alerts, and once the emails arrive, you will just naturally go and check the email client. Do not do that unless you are free.

Eliminating e-clutter – [Newsday]

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