Elegant Tool: Single Sheet Cutters

Single Sheet Cutter

It is always a good idea to keep a clip from newspaper for useful references, other than keeping the whole page. It could save you time to search what you really wanted to reference, and because the clip is smaller than whole page of newspaper, you can categorize the clips easily. Problem: It is not a quick job. You need to find a pair of scissors, lift up the page you want to cut, and try to trace and cut it along the section.

A better solution: There is a more elegant tool called Single Sheet Cutters which provides a quicker and safer way to cut out any newspaper or magazines. Draw it along the section to cut. Best of all, you don’t need to lift up the top page, only top sheet is cut, underlying pages will stay:

If you’re a committed newspaper clipper, you’ll find that these Single-Sheet Cutters are quicker and safer than scissors (and they also slice tenacious shrinkwrap). The cutting element is a tiny speck of ceramic that barely sticks out beyond its housing. Draw it across a newspaper, and just the top sheet is cut.
– Set of two
– Ceramic cutting element
– Red housing stands out against the newspaper
– 1½”W x 3½”D x ¼”H

Levenger Single Sheet Cutters – [Levenger via Kevin Kelly]

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