Eight Useful Habits of Effective Users


Bren from Slack Manager has posted an article on introducing eight habits that you should learn to improve the effectiveness on using Some of them are already known by you. But the habit of using inbox in is one of the best ways to find information:

The inbox is a mystery for many folks, but it’s a powerful tool. Your inbox allows you to track what’s been added to particular tags and to track what particular users have bookmarked. There are a couple of ways to begin using your inbox. You can click the ‘inbox’ link at the top of any page when you’re logged in and then click the ‘edit inbox’ link on the right side. Or you can just click the ‘settings’ link (top right corner) and then click the ‘inbox labels’ link under the ‘experimental’ section. Either way will get you to the same page where you’ll see a couple of text entry boxes. One is for adding USERNAMES and the other is for adding tags. If you know the USERNAME of someone you want to track, enter it in the ‘user’ field and hit the subscribe button…

Probably this is the better idea then going through the your favorite tags everyday, you can subscribe to all of the favorite tags and users in one view.

The Several Habits of Wildly Successful Users – [Slack Manager]

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