Easily Measure Odd Size Paper and Envelopes


Ever try to send greetings card and need to find a suitable envelops? Ricky Spears at Ricky’s RAM Dump has made a template which help to find out the measurement of small papers and envelopers. It is basically x-y axis with measurements in inches however it do become pretty handy:

Odd Size paper template

…With the Odd Size Paper and Envelope Template she simply places the corner of the envelope at the vertex and reads the measurements for height and width. The template is broken down into tenths of an inch instead of sixteenths like most rulers. We printed the template on cardstock and keep it under the printer so it is always handy and she doesn’t have to look for a ruler…

Easily Measure Odd Size Paper and Envelopes – [Ricky’s RAM Dump]

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