I believe the merits of duct tape should be shouted from the mountaintops. The longer I live the more uses I find for this invaluable resource.

Here is a list of my favorite few.

  • Securing computer cables.
  • It is great for splicing wires because it is wider and more sturdy than black electrical tape.
  • Emergency luggage patch.
  • Repairing and marking your guitar case.
  • Hide a key under your fender.
  • Emergency hose repair.
  • Holding the batteries in your remote control.
  • Tape an extra desk key under your desk.
  • Remove those long ear hairs the come with middle age (ouch!).

Extra bonus. Add a few years to that favorite book by re-enforcing the ragged binding.

What are your favorite uses?

Reg Adkins writes on behavior and the human experience at (elementaltruths.blogspot.com).

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