Double Your Reading Rate


The best way to gain knowledge and save time is to increase your reading speed. There are many tutorials, software, and articles for speed-reading, it’s tough to find stuff that suitable to you.

Recently Scott H. Young has written a great post on highlighting six key tips of increasing his reading speed. Initially he could read at 450 words per minute. By using his techniques he has increased to around 900 words per minute, which double of his normal reading rate:

  • Remember, Reading is Not Linear
  • Stop Subvocalizing
  • Practice Reading
  • Use a Pointer
  • Eliminate Distractions
  • Find Your Motivation

Eliminate distraction is a major aspect which greatly affects my reading speed. With too many external distractions – such as noises, movements, attractions will actually decrease my comprehension. I have to go back to pages to re-read it, hence the reading speeding is dramatically decreased.

Double Your Reading Rate – [Scott H. Young]

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