Does Apple's Stink?


I’m a Mac user, and have been since day 1. I had one of the first 128K babies in my town way back when. And I’m rockin the new Intel Mac Mini with OSX Tiger, and I tell people every day when they ask about video editing and podcast creation, “Dude, just go get a Mac.”

But I’m not a user.

First off, I admit a bias towards web-side apps for most tasks, because I can use the same app, same look and feel everywhere I go. I used Portable Thunderbird for a very short time for that reason, and I still think that’s a reasonable app, but I wasn’t enamored with it.

So, I’m asking Life Hack readers. If email’s one of the biggest time drains going on:

  • Which email application makes you a veritible NINJA of productivity?
  • Which app is flexible enough to support your multiple email boxes?
  • What makes you love your email app more than Google’s GMail?

Sure, I’m asking you to do my homework for me. Paint this fence. It’s lots of fun! But you’re passionate about email clients, right?

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