Document Management Simplified


Related to the last post, I found out Jeffrey Phillips has similar brainstorming post on document organization. He said: ‘But while we are generating all these documents, we very rarely consider how they will be stored, recalled and/or reused.’ – Very true, or we are not consider how we store our document because sorting needs tremendous effort – an effort to optimize better successful rate of reusing the document in the future. Yes, it is always hard to plan and spend effort in advance for the future. Nevertheless, for everything who see the benefit of the document management, he suggested we should ask these questions to increase the chance of finding and reusing the document later:

1. What’s the purpose of this document?
2. Is it likely someone would want to retrieve and reuse all or part of this document?
3. What naming conventions exist to help people retrieve it?
4. What filing system or metadata exists to assist with retrieval?
5. How can we indicate who authored the document for further information?
6. What other keywords or search terms might be applied to this document – project number, client name, geography, time frame, etc?

Document Management Simplified – [Thinking Faster]

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