D*I*Y Planner Wants Writers!


I do a lot of writing about productivity, self-improvement, and creativity. Some of it, I put here. Some of it, I put on my own site, and then some more, I put over at D*I*, which is a great site with all kinds of great stuff, like downloadable planner pages for your paper planner of choice (including Hipster PDA, I might add!).

Well, Doug’s wife just had a baby, and between that and the fact that their Tuesday guy couldn’t take the heat and had to throw in the towel(I hear he was a slacker), they need a writer. You’ve gotta be able to turn out a piece a week, and it’s got to be of fairly decent writing quality (Doug’s a *great* editor). So, if you’re looking for a way to get involved in the productivity and life hacking and organization writing space (and really, who isn’t?), consider doing some of your writing for the nice folks over at D*I*

[A Call for Guest Writers] -D*I*

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