D*I*Y Planner has released another good template on Calendar which has two sizes: 5.5″x8.5″ and A5. This is a big package with 50 pages of the following templates:

DIY Planner Calendar

* Day Keeper daily calendar
* Day Keeper, unmarked (write in your own hours)
* Weekly Planning, 1 page, 6 box (no hours, weekend shares a box)
* Weekly Planning, 1 page, 8 box (7 days plus notes)
* Weekly Planning, 2 page, 8 box (with hours and notes)
* Weekly Planning, 2 page, 8 strips (with hours, notes, actions and annotations)
* Weekly Planning 24-Hour, 2 page, 8 strips (with hours, actions and annotations)
* Monthly Planning, Sunday-Saturday unmarked (write your own dates)
* Monthly Planning Sept. 2005 – Dec. 2006, Sunday-Saturday (whew!)
* Monthly Planning, Monday-Sunday unmarked (write your own dates)
* Yearly Reference 2005-2006, with Special Dates
* Academic Year 2005-2006 (created by eric Farris, a man of infinite patience)

D*I*Y Planner Calendar Package

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