DIY: Fold your own Envelope


This is pretty cool. If you don’t have time to go to stationery store and buy a envelope to mail out your letter, try the instruction by John Cunliffe on folding a envelope from a paper. This site also teaches you different ways on folding your letter:

Envelope Folding

… The folds can be extremely clever in their attempts to reach a number of basic goals: to make the largest possible envelope from a given piece of paper, to latch or remain sealed with out need of adhesive, to meet postal requirements and to be attractive. One of the “Holy Grails” of envelope and letter folding is to create a fold which not only latches, but can’t be unfolded–sealing it shut like a glued envelope. No one seems to have managed this feat, so far…

Envelope and Letter Folding – [ via Make: Blog]

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