DIY Digitial Photo Frame

Digitial photo frame

DIY Digitial photo

This is a DIY that worth to mention about. You may saw some readily available digitial photo frame that can automatically show your digitial photos, or you may saw some hacks around that you can make a digitial photo frame yourself by using a laptop.

Chris Jarnaker has done a how-to on his version of digitial photo frame – he called it the “WallTop”. It is a bit different than the normal DIY as this one pushes the quality further:

Ever wanted to put a laptop in the living room, but the misses didn’t allow it? Have a laptop over and the guts to take it apart?

Then this DIY article is something for you. I will take you step by step though the process of converting a laptop into a WallTop to hang next to your other pictures. Making use of wireless takes away the cable problem, and with no hard drive makes it completely quiet.
And the result is astonishing.

You need a laptop and picture frame and -the guts to do it-!!!

Laptop on the wall – WallTop – [Grynx]

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