Ditch the Laptop for A USB Key

Advertising talks about how USB memory stick could replace a laptop – with all of the essential applications and files. If you are sure you could access machines along in your travel, you could really save your bag space but taking your USB memory stick – and it is more convenient than bringing your laptop:

Nowadays, whenever someone plans a long distance trip, staying in touch with the world is a major priority. Bringing a laptop, with all its weight, bulk, and potential for theft is often viewed as a necessary evil. Most people simply cannot be without their email, and access to their personal travelogues. In the past, keeping all the relevant information on a laptop was the only solution to connectivity on the road. With the availability of cheap USB keys and hard drives, though, the world traveler has a few more options…

And then it introduces couple of applications at

Ditch the Laptop for A USB Key – []

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