Disposable e-mail address services


Martin over TipMonkies has introduced a list of disposable email address services. What is it? It is a temporary email account you can setup to receive email – it maybe best to register web services. Some of them are permanent, but some of them will remove your temporary email account after few hours (such as Mailinator). This may save you some time on registering free web email account such as Gmail for registrations or spam:

One of the best tricks to stop spam e-mail from reaching your inbox is by creating a disposable e-mail address. I’ve used a Hotmail account for spam for a long time, but recently, many services have popped up which serve exclusively to route spam to. Some of these services provide RSS feeds of e-mail, others let you forward e-mail to your real account…

Disposable e-mail address services – [TipMonkies]

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