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Nick over has discussed his home office environment and his setup. Nick also talks about the benefits and drawbacks on working at home and what does it mean to him:

There are drawbacks to working at home aswell as benefits though. Some of those include:

  • Being shouted at from downstairs to come help with something
  • Working to your own schedule. Sounds great in theory, but you either do nothing or work 16hrs+ a day, i tend to the latter but have also slid toward the former on occasion.
  • No cameraderie with fellow workers (this could also appear on the benefits list as far as im concerned though..)
  • A tendency not to get dressed till lunchtime (again, take your pick which list that goes on..)

Agree, working at home tends to get more interruptions from non-work matters. There are some ways to help it, like setting a working schedule and communitate with your family, and stick to it. If you are vague on your working schedule, your family wouldn’t take the schedule seriously and interrupt you with different things.

There are several good discussions from his readers as well. It is a good read on the weekend. What do you prefer, Home or Office?

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