Critical Thinking Mini-Lessons


There have been many definitions of the phrase critical thinking. Generally it can be definited as:

Critical thinking is a mental process of analyzing or evaluating information. Such information may be gathered from observation, experience, reasoning, or communication. Critical thinking has its basis in intellectual values that go beyond subject matter divisions and include: clarity, accuracy, precision, evidence, thoroughness and fairness.

Skeptics Dictionary has posted a Critical Thinking Mini-Lessons which includes the following articles:

  • Induction and Deduction
  • The Concept of Validity
  • The Wason Card Problem
  • The Wason Card Problem, Part II
  • Fallacies
  • Replication of Studies
  • Fallacy of Suppressed Evidence
  • Replication Revisited
  • The Straw Man Fallacy

Learn this is you want to have clarity, accuracy, precision, evidence, thoroughness and fairness on your analyzation skill.

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