Creating Virtual Machine for the free VMware Player


VMware Player is a new free software that enables you to run any existing virtual machine created by their paid product, such as VMware workstation. By default it does not allow you to create any new virtual machine. John Bokma has written a quick how-to on creating a free virtual machine image using QEmu. By using that you can create a fresh image and with a appropriate config file and information, you can install an operating system such as Windows XP:

Today, after re-reading the “How-to: VMware Player modification” post on the Hack a Day site, I decided to give my creating a VM that works with the free VMware Player another chance. The instructions given below are based on a post made by Rhys.

If you haven’t done so yet, download the Free VMware Player.

Next, you need the qemu-img.exe program that comes with QEMU. If you are using Windows (like I do) you can download QemuInstall-0.7.2.exe. After downloading this program, install it. Start a command prompt and go to the installation directory of QEMU…

Creating an XP Pro VM for the free VMware Player – [John Bokma]

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