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Correct Your Posture in 16 Ways

We’re plagued with bad posture, aren’t we? Sitting at a computer for long periods of time. I’m over this sore back, this hunched stature. Spine straight, nipples up.

Here are a few exercises to improve your posture from FullContactGeek:

Flying Cobras – Lying face down, arms extended over your head with your thumbs pointed to the sky, raise your upper chest off the floor, concentrating the movement from the mid back, not the lumbar region. Once off the floor bring both arms down to your sides as close to your body as you can while keeping the thumbs pointed to the sky at all times, then returning them to the starting position and lowering yourself back to the floor. Perform 1-2 sets of up to 8 repetitions.

L-sit – sitting on the floor, legs outstretched, toes pointed to the sky, sacrum, shoulders and head pressed into the wall, hold for 30-120 seconds.

The right kind of name will get me into any exercise. Flying Cobra here I come!

16 Exercises to Help Correct Your Posture – [FullContactGeek]


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