Convert yourself from Introvert to Extrovert?


Steve Pavlina has written an article called “How to Go From Introvert to Extrovert”. The article talks about blocks and suggestions to becoming more “extroverted”. In my opinion, what the article really suggests there are some ways on improving social skills if you are introverted.

Being introverted or extroverted is a personality, and personality is very hard to change. Being introverted and extroverted is your preference – do you prefer to be read books quietly, or do you like to be talking with people instead?

What Steve’s article suggests if you want to put aside your preference and being more balance in your life, there still some ways you can do it.

… Play from your strengths. It’s interesting that many introverts have no trouble socializing online. In that environment they’re able to play from their strengths. But you can also use your strengths consciously as leverage to branch out into more face-to-face socializing. For example, after I graduated college, I met a woman on a local BBS (before there was much of a World Wide Web). We got to chatting online over a period of weeks. Eventually we met in person and became friends, and I soon fell into her pre-existing social group through osmosis. My social calendar went from empty to full almost overnight. That woman, by the way, has been my wife for the past 7.5 years. If you socialize online, see if you can’t use that strength to build new local relationships. While people have done this in global forums like online games, I think it’s easier to try it in local forums. For instance, there are message boards for people who’ve recently moved to Las Vegas….


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