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Conversational Terrorism - How Not to Talk

This is an interesting piece – definitely avoid to use them but use it as a reference to identify if someone use it against you. Dean and Marshall VanDruff talks about cheat conversation techniques. Some of them are really bad ways on introducing a conversational fight, such as:

A great lead-in for the technique of WISHFUL THINKING, or a method of delay giving yourself time to think of an answer.

“Why do you ask that?” / “What makes you ask that?”

“What drives you to make such a statement?”

A complex statement that paralyzes the brain.

“What you inferred is not what you implied.”

“Your problem is that you are thinking in a linear versus configurational framework.”

“I’m not sure if I fail to disagree with that or not.”

Echo the question back or ask the other person a similar or difficult question. (This can be a valid technique if not used merely as a delay tactic.)

“What do you think the answer to your question is?”

“How ’bout if I ask you a similar question?”

Not good to use, but fun to read.

Conversational Terrorism – How Not to Talk – [Dean and Marshall VanDruff]

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