Community Chat: Which is your favorite advice in GTD?


Our community has started off a good discussion on Getting Things Done. Member MoneyShark asks:

I think this system is golden, of course every thing can be adjusted.

Has anyone read this? I would love to have a discussion on the finer things of GTD.

One of my favorite pieces of advice is getting everything out of your head. I use a moleskine notebook to do this. Every morning I get out my notebook and write down everything that needs to be done. If things are left from the previous day I transfer them over. I can refer back to it anytime I want.

I also (for redundancy) take that list and put it into my tasks on outlook. Then it syncs with my blackberry and I am raring to go.

Which aspects of GTD have you deployed or focused? Which advice helps you a lot in your task management and productivity? Join our conversation at Community!

Getting Things Done by David Allen – [ Community]

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