Coffee Break helps your memory


Good news that Researchers at the MIT found out regular breaks are key to help your memory. They found out that brain will replay the information that it recently gathered during break time (and the test subject is of course lab rats). Break is good, and of course sleep will be better for information consolidation. That’s why students should not study overnight:

… Previous research found a replay pattern occurring during sleep. But it was difficult to pin this pattern to learning, Foster says, because “sleep is possibly many hours from the experience, and in a different place.” This overnight replay may be the brain’s way of consolidating information for long-term memory.

He says that the replay mechanism may be part of how the brain packages information and sends it off to different parts of the brain. “It’s still a little controversial,” Foster says, “but the idea is that information may first be stored in the hippocampus, but then slowly integrated into long-term stores in different parts of the brain.”…

Now you have your reason (excuse) to have your coffee break.

Coffee Break Brain – [ScienCentral News]

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