Click2Zap Bookmarklet


Steve has developed a bookmarklet called click2zap which can remove web elements, such as text blocks, images within the existing page. This is pretty useful when you want to save your paper and ink by only printing the text you wanted – It is a pretty handy and tidy tool to do its work. For this new version 1.1, here are some features:

* click2zap panel fixed to the top right of the window (doesn’t appear in IE/win).
* as you rollover elements, they are highlighted with a yellow background.
* click the highlighted element to remove it.
* click undo to replace elements (unlimited).
* disable allows links to work (though you can always right-click a link)
* use the print link on the click2zap panel to hide the panel and print.

Click2Zap Bookmarklet 1.1 – []

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