Chandler: An Interpersonal Information Manager


Chandler is an experimental software targeting users who use PIM (Personal Information Management). The current release of Chandler is quite promising, as it has a good calendaring system and features like recurring events, timezones, multi calendars etc. I like the homepage, even the vision page has some good tips hides in it:


… So much of incoming information can’t be dealt with now. Sometimes we just can’t take action yet. Sometimes we need a different environment to read carefully. Sometimes we could take action but shouldn’t due to higher-priority work. Many items can and should be dealt with later. It should be easy for the user to defer action on email and have the client ensure that it doesn’t get lost. In Chandler the user gives the item a tickler, a trigger that will return the item to their attention later. When an item has a tickler it has been stamped as a task — this shows how stamping permeates the design. The word tickler comes from the David Allen task management system which suggests a manual technique for maintaining a set of reminders and a habit of looking at them to see which are due.

Putting the deferred status together with the done status, and with the default status of “now”, we have a powerful triage workflow for sorting through new email. In addition Chandler will allow users to triage notes, tasks and events in the same workflow and even in the same view….

You can also view a screencast on how to create a event in Chandler. Remember this is a beta release (0.6) and it is not ready to use in production


Chandler, a next-generation PIM

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