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Lots of websites and blogs are celebrating the US holiday, Independence Day, and that’s swell! But we here at realize that you’re a worldly bunch. Heck, the founder of the site is from Australia! So, in the spirit of celebrating the world, here’s a completely off-topic but very buzzed video that’s circling the blogosphere as well as the globe.

Basically, it’s a guy doing a silly dance all over the world. Look behind him, though. Look around. This is the world. I’ll grant that it’s the most beautiful parts, and not so much of the mundane, but here is a man dancing all over the world.
Where the Hell is Matt has a fascinating story behind it. What started out as a bit of a fun gag ended up becoming a marketing move for a gum company. But that doesn’t detract from the stunning visuals behind this viral video.
If I were to tie this in any way back to being a life hack, it would be to remind you that life is truly and utterly what you make of it. You are where you are by choice. Every day is a choice. Every action is a choice. Why not sneak some fun into it?Where the Hell is Matt? – [via a million other blogs]

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