Caution on Hacking Your Dream - Lucid Dreaming


There is a FAQ surfaced from which talks about lucid dream – dreams that knowing that you are dreaming and you have full control of the dream course. It is similar to a time when you nearly awake from the sleep and you are dreaming – you are in full conscious yet you are still in dream.

However I have concerns on lucid dreaming on both psychological and physical level. I want to counter the FAQ by linking several resources on lucid dream problems, to make sure readers of the FAQ are fully aware of possible issues associating to it:

In the last resource, Lucid Dreaming at Wiki Books, has a section on possible dangers of lucid dreaming. It sums up different categories of its problems:

  • Addiction
  • Alienation
  • Dissociation
  • Controversial: Accidentally encountering “spiritual” entities
  • Controversial: Exhaustion
  • Controversial: Inability to stop
  • Controversial: Undesirable false awakenings

Take extremely cautious on lucid dreaming.

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