Can self-help really help?


Shang Lee shares his thought on self-help – you spent money on all those self-help materials – attending to seminars – are they really useful? He shares that it is not all about the materials, the most important ingredient is yourself:

… So today, you choose to pick a self-help book. You read it. You understand it. You plan to do something about it. And yet it always doesn’t work. You might think you probably didn’t follow closely enough. Or you probably wasn’t patient enough. Strong enough. Discipline enough. Not good at time management etc… Just not that type of person. That, actually is the point. You are NOT that person in the self-help books. You are YOU! The books can only be a guide. You are still the master of yourself.

So choose YOU. Allow others to be your guide, but remember that yourSELF is the most important ingredient in SELF-help materials. The solutions suggested in self-help materials must be tailored to YOU, and the only tailor I…

Can self-help really help? – [Shang Lee]

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