Call in Sick or Go to Work?


Ever go to work with flu? For hard-working readers like us, I don’t think your manager would be worrying about absenteeism. They would be more worry about “presenteeism” instead – being contagious and spread it around to your colleagues. An article over WebMD Health can give you a list of symptons to determine if you should call in sick, or you are able to go to work. From symptons like sniffling, to Sinus Pain and Tummy Problems:


  • If you are sniffling — but not achy, not feverish — it’s probably allergies. Get to work!
  • Sniffling, achy, tired, fever? You’re coming down with the common cold or the flu. You are contagious in those first days. You are miserable, face it. You’re not going to get much done at work. Also, you will recover quicker from the common cold or flu if you get some rest, says Horesh.

Call in Sick or Go to Work? Here’s Some Advice – [WebMD Health]

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