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Bully Bosses Pay It Eventually

There is a post recently which Jory Des Jardins talks about her stories and experiences on bad bosses. How bosses behave is directly affecting employees productivity and behaviour. Those bad bosses probably have no sympathy towards people feeling and does not treat employees as the most important capital in the company. They probably don’t want their boss to treat them like that – they shouldn’t do the same thing:

… I suspect that many companies run this way; operationally everything is running smoothly, but motivationally things are grinding to a halt. The people who do the work are so resentful of the people they work for that they cut little, imperceptible bits out of their effort–calling in sick some days, browsing the internet when they should be cold-calling, staying out a few extra minutes at lunchtime. And all will say the same thing to themselves to justify what they know is a half-assed effort: “I don’t get paid enough to deal with this shit,” which is a quantitative way of saying, “I don’t feel valued here,” or “I don’t respect the shmoe in charge.”…

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