Business 2.0 has a super-huge article on building a bulletproof startup. They cover everything one might have to consider to get your big idea from your head onto the shelves of a new store. It’s a HUGE and thought-provoking article, worthy of lots of time and attention.

I highly recommend getting out to the magazine stand and buying the paper issue, as well. The art by XPLANE is an excellent accompanyment, and it’s a shame that it didn’t get added to the online version similarly. It really ties the piece together.

Here’s some of what the article covers:

  • Phase One: Establish a Company
  • Phase Two: Prototype the Product
  • Phase Three: Develop the Beta Product
  • Phase Four: Launch the Product
  • Searching for angel investors
  • What a VC wants to see in you

If you’re harboring ideas of starting up your own company, this is a must-read.

How to Build a Bulletproof Startup – [Business 2.0]

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