Budgeting Easily with PearBudget Spreadsheet


PearBudget is a free spreadsheet for budgeting and expense tracking. Simply enter your estimation of your spending every year, record your expenses with your receipts throughout the month – then it will give you a detail analysis automatically. It has pretty attractive design so you won’t get bored with it. One advantage is that you can bring this spreadsheet along with your USB stick, open it with Portable OpenOffice so you can use this everywhere:

Pear Budget

PearBudget is a FREE budgeting program, written in Excel. It can be used by almost any spread- sheet program (Excel, Word, OpenOffice, etc.). Setting it up is a snap, and it takes less than half an hour a month to maintain it and see how you’re doing. (And—did we mention?—it’s free!)

PearBudget | Easy budgeting for everyone. – [Pear Budget]

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