Brendon's Answer on How to get started on GTD


Couple of days ago we have posted a reader’s question on How to get started on Getting Things Done? and we received some great answers from our community. Brendon Connelly at Slacker Manager went one step forward and has written an article to answer this:

Over on someone asked about how to get started with ‘Getting Things Done.’ I’ll throw my hat in the ring…shoots, I’ve gotten started lots of times!

There are just two things to be clear about before we begin. Thing one: read the book. I get frustrated when people say, “I’m planning on buying the book, but until then how do I…” Crikey, it’s $15! And free at the library (though you’re really gonna want your own copy) No excuses here—either buy it and read it, or quit talking about it. (man, that sounds grumpy) Thing two: weekly review (pdf) is not optional…

He also mentioned some initial setup on tools to get started on GTD. It is a very useful article.

GTD jumpstart – [Slacker Manager]

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