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Boot up Windows Before You Even Login

This is a tips for people who don’t use security (password to login) in Windows XP but want Windows XP to fully boot up without waiting for you to enter your password first. Thomas Chapin at BrainFuel has a good trick on this. He uses TweakUI tool to Autologon to Windows, however to secure the computer on startup, he then modifies the registry so that it will lock the Workstation at startup. This is not the most secure way and it will only works for single user, but very convenient and neat:

… You have to wait 2 minutes while your computer turns on. You have to sit in front of your computer during this whole time because once it finally gets to the login screen, you have to type in the password. The computer then crunches numbers for another 2 minutes while it loads a wide variety of programs (MSN messenger, your Norton Antivirus, your Microsoft Office shortcut bar, etc…). Finally, after like 5 minutes, you have access to your desktop.

How would you like your computer to load all those programs *before* you ever have to enter your password? You could press the button to power up your system and go get a cup of coffee. Five minutes later, you come to your desk and type in your password. BAM! Instantly dropped to the desktop! Your programs are already running and all systems are a go!…

Boot up Windows before you even log in – [BrainFuel]

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