Book: Free Software for Busy People


There is an online book called Free Software for Busy People. It is a good introduction on Open Source software and some basic tutorial on different software such as OpenOffice, Firefox, Thunderbird. You may familar with Microsoft Office and couldn’t switch to OpenOffice, but this online book would give you a brief tutorial on how to get started:

I can get Microsoft Office for free? That’s great.

Not quite. Microsoft makes some of its software available free of charge, like Internet Explorer and Outlook Express. But Microsoft Office costs money and you cannot get it for free.

Oh, that’s no good to me.

But you can still get OpenOffice. It has most of the features of Microsoft Office, plus a few tricks of its own. And it’s all for free from

What’s the catch? I must have to pay someone else later.

There is no catch. You can copy it too and use it on as many computers as you want without paying anyone any money.

If you want technical support, however, you can buy StarOffice. For $100 you get a CD copy of OpenOffice, a paper manual, and technical support from Sun Microsystems.

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