Blogging Essential: 6 Ways to Attract More RSS Subscriptions


For readers who are a blogger, read a short post at my personal blog on RSS feed. In the article, I gave a quick stat update on’s feed subscription progression. I’ve also published six ways to attract more feed subscriptions. First two of them:

Full Feed instead of Partial Feed. RSS feed is a way of notification, but it is not attractive enough to be just notifying readers for new posts. The feed entry needs to give something readers can read. You must give some special privileges to the regular readers. Save their time by reading your posts on the feed. I love full feed, and I am holding back myself on subscribing to partial feeds.

Invite readers to subscribe your feed. Promote it in your site. Provide an easy way to subscribe the feed. Having the small little feed icon on the location bar in the browser does not cut it.

0 to 12,000 RSS Subscribers: Ways to Attract More Subscriptions – []

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