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One of our readers, Naton has pointed out there is a very interesting blog on entrepreneurship:

… I first started reading The Moxie Cinema Blog when I found a link on the SXSW site. It’s about a young couple starting their own independent movie theatre, and it goes into an amazing amount of detail. For the next 30 days (starting yesterday), Dan is going to post everything he does to get the theater closer to opening, which should be soon. It’s a really unique, and rare, look inside the exhibition industry. I thought you might enjoy it…

Indeed, I followed up their posts for couple of days already and I enjoyed it. It shows some good process on how to develop, finance and start a new business.

Oh, by the way, I also love their budget page – that page really shows how much do they have on fundings and how much do they need to spend. It gives me fair bit of idea on how much does it cost to open a theater.

The Moxie Blog – [Dan and Nicole] (Thanks Naton!)

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